Native tree species of Europe

A quick and handy list of European native tree species. English and Latin names.

Abies alba – Silver fir
Abies spp. – Circum-Mediterranean firs
Acer campestre – Field maple
Acer platanoides – Norway maple
Acer pseudoplatanus – Sycamore maple
Aesculus hippocastanum – European horse-chestnut
Ailanthus altissima – Tree of heaven
Alnus cordata – Italian alder
Alnus glutinosa – Common alder
Alnus incana – Grey alder
Alnus viridis – Green alder
Betula spp. – Birches
Carpinus betulus – Common hornbeam
Carpinus orientalis – Oriental hornbeam
Castanea sativa – Sweet chestnut
Celtis australis – Nettle tree
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – Lawson cypress
Cornus mas – Cornelian cherry
Cornus sanguinea – Common dogwood
Corylus avellana – Common hazel
Cupressus sempervirens – Mediterranean cypress
Eucalyptus globulus – Tasmanian blue gum
Euonymus europaeus – Spindle tree
Fagus sylvatica – European beech
Frangula alnus – Alder buckthorn
Fraxinus angustifolia – Narrow-leaved ash
Fraxinus excelsior – Common ash
Fraxinus ornus – Manna ash
Ilex aquifolium – European holly
Juglans regia – Common walnut
Juniperus communis – Common juniper
Juniperus oxycedrus – Prickly juniper
Juniperus phoenicea – Phoenician juniper
Juniperus thurifera – Spanish juniper
Larix decidua – European larch
Olea europaea – Olive
Ostrya carpinifolia – European hop-hornbeam
Picea abies – Norway spruce
Picea omorika – Serbian spruce
Picea sitchensis – Sitka Spruce
Pinus cembra – Arolla pine
Pinus halepensis and Pinus brutia – Aleppo and Turkish pine
Pinus mugo – Dwarf mountain pine
Pinus nigra – Black pine
Pinus pinaster – Maritime pine
Pinus pinea – Stone pine
Pinus sylvestris – Scots pine
Populus alba – White poplar
Populus nigra – Black poplar
Populus tremula – Eurasian aspen
Prunus avium – Wild cherry
Prunus cerasifera – Cherry plum
Prunus mahaleb – Mahaleb cherry
Prunus padus – Bird cherry
Prunus spinosa – Blackthorn
Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas fir
Quercus cerris – Turkey oak
Quercus frainetto – Hungarian oak
Quercus ilex – Holm oak
Quercus palustris – Pin oak
Quercus pubescens – Downy oak
Quercus pyrenaica – Pyrenean oak
Quercus robur and Quercus petraea – Pedunculate and sessile oak
Quercus suber – Cork oak
Robinia pseudoacacia – Black locust
Salix spp – Willows
Salix alba – White willow
Salix caprea – Goat willow
Sambucus nigra – Black elderberry
Sorbus aria – Common whitebeam
Sorbus aucuparia – Rowan
Sorbus domestica – Service tree
Sorbus torminalis – Wild service tree
Tamarix spp. – Tamarisks
Taxus baccata – European yew
Tilia spp. – Limes
Ulmus spp. – Elms

  • spp. means species, it is used in case if there are several species quite similar to each other. Thus the list isn’t complete, since for example Salix spp. contains a group of dozens different species, not so easy to distinguish
  • List is made up according to European Commission

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